Can I join the list now??


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So this evening this weird thing happened on my way home..... Im not sure but its this number that not too many have seen on their dash before.

ANYWAYS BlahBlahBlahBlah all kidding aside I *knock on wood*** have done:

Head bearings
1 chain (never replaced sprockets)
TPS recall
tires ( 3 rear and 2 front since i bought it with 14k on it) (2nd front is goin out and the third rear is 50%)
3rd set of front pads, oem rear pads
rebuilt front calipers once (really just a VERY thorough cleaning
never touched the forks
just put the third set of plugs in.
Headlight bulbs (big whup there)
oil and filter (Rotella 5w-40 syn t6 with some regular Rotella 15w-40 because the gearbox is clunky with just T6)
coolant flushed every year
cleaned air filter at least yearly
oem clutch and clutch cable
normal greasing, adjusting, cleaning, and valve checks (im due for the 2nd valve check tho)

right rearset (I had an oops)
Nose and headlight assembly (backed into while under a cover in a parking lot)

and something to the tune of 177 tanks of gas for a rough 47.2 US MPG over the last 4 years



Professional test dummy
o_O OH, do we get members only jackets!?!?!?!

Regular maintenance is really helpful, It doenst hurt that Im a mechanic lol


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What list?

Please post your pic on the link below for it to be official even though I already added you onto the list. Really need to start the 100k club, some of you might be getting close.
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Good going. I'll be there next year, picking up a service kit at 42,000 this weekend.
42,000 miles or Kilometers?

I may make 25,000 miles by years end. So far so good with No downs while moving!