Information Changing spark plugs? Don't be stupid like me!

Osage Plains

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I'm not much of a mechanic -- never have been. But I'm doing all the maintenance on my FZ6 myself. Yesterday I decided I'd go ahead and replace my ancient spark plugs for a new batch of iridium ones. I popped the caps and stems out, removed the old ones, and put the plug down in cylinder 1 only to realize that the terminal nut was still attached and our bikes and spark plug tools are designed to work only with the terminal nut removed! I spent hours cursing the heavens trying to remove this horrid thing just so I could remove the little nut. Went to AutoZone to get a bendy magnetic tool which was sure to pull it out, right? Well, the nut isn't magnetic so that didn't work either!

I finally got it the supplied plug remover tool to pick it up with the nut attached (after HOURS of trying) and got all four zipped up and she's running like a dream, but I had to learn a harsh lesson of preparedness in the process.

I'm sure I'm the only one n00b enough to pull a stunt like this, but just in case, I thought I'd offer this newfound wisdom to any other green mechanic undertaking the plug swap.

Gary in NJ

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I should add...

A little dielectric grease on the spark plug insulator makes the rubber insert on the socket (or just the hose) slide off much (MUCH) easier. Otherwise you run the risk of getting the socket stuck on the installed plug...and that too sucks.