Cobra brake lines for fz6


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Jul 8, 2011
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Hi all
I just got the Cobra brake lines kit, racing type (2 lines to each caliper on the front). Since I only had money for the front part only from the known manufacturers I decided to go for a complete kit from Cobra after reading some nice reviews. It seems that they buy the stuff from Hel on OEM terms and they resell it. I think they get the components from Hel and they assemble them. Banjos are stainless steel, bolts are regular steel I think. It all cost about 100$ with free shipping. This company is listed as being in UK but my package came from Bulgaria. I couldn't choose banjo color only line color, they have a few nice options but I went for a carbon look. I like the quality of the whole kit, does not feel "cheap" at all. I haven't put it on yet as I must find the time for this. Very busy these days. Anyway I put some photos for you to check it out. Seems like a very good alternative on the cheap side ;)
Looks good! did you order them off ebay? there seems to be a lot of different brands on ebay ;)
Yeap, off ebay after reading some reviews on the product. Don't know about the others, but I saw Cobra referenced on some motorcycle forums. And the seller also admitted that he uses Hel materials for his product. Anyway, don't buy them if I'm not posting again in one months time :))