FZ6 Fazer 2006 S1 not S2 color codes


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Hi folks,

I have the Blue version of FZ6 Fazer 2006 (s1 model) and it seems that the nose cone part is a darker blue than the rest. I need to touch up something on this fairing and I would love to get the correct color code.
Websites normally show only one blue code, but it seems there are two shades.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Hi. The bike is totally stock colour wise. I can add a photo if needed. Its very visible that this fairing part is actually darker.
The mentioned and other websites give only once code that is 0564. :(


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That looks just like my old one but I had no black, although there was definitely a darker blue.

You say yours is a 2006 but here the 2006 had black frame, engine and wheels, mine was a 2004.

Fazer ready to go.jpg