FZ6 S1 vs S2 vs Fazer brake master cylinder compatibility


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Hi, the threads on my right-hand side mirror that mounts into the front brake master cylinder have been stripped so I need a replacement. Thread repair is not really possible since there's no thread left. Looks like the previous owner drilled it out and the mirror was holding on by a miracle.

Is there any difference to the master cylinders comparing the S1 version 2004-2006, S2 version 2006+ and the Fazer faired version? Yamaha parts catalogue shows 3 different part numbers for front brake master cylinder assembly but that somehow doesn't make sense to me. If we consider that the S2 version had better brakes then yes, S1 could have a different front master cylinder but is there a difference between the naked and faired S2?

S1 naked (FZ6): 5PS-W2587-00-00
S2 naked (FZ6-NHG): 2B02580A0000 (replaces 2B0-W2587-00-00)
S2 faired (FZ6-SHG): 5VS-W2587-00-00

My bike is a 2008 UK made FZ6 S2 naked. Thanks for any answers :)

Gary in NJ

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The unit for the FZ6 with the fairing will not have the threaded insert/mount for a mirror. Speaking of threaded inserts, you could use one in this application.