fz6 s2 2008 map for pc3 with two bros!


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hello, I'm looking for a map for fz6 s2 2008 for power commander 3, I have kn air filter two brothers exhaust and cat removal.
I have a map installed but it is for a motorcycle with a cat installed, can you help? Thank you very much.


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It might be a good idea to reinstall the CAT until you can ascertain you're not leaning out the mix and possibly causing damage to your engine. Modifying the exhaust is okay to a point with these engines but reducing back flow to a greater degree would require a sniffer to tell you what your actual A:F ratios are. What exhaust system are you using?


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I have mentioned that I have a map installed from the official dynojet page that is for exhaust two brothers, I have friends who have removed the catalyst and do not have a pc or remap the ecu and do not have any problems with engine damage, also I feel that it is going better from before.