Good performance mods?

However, boring adds torque and that helps you get moving faster so you can make it to that corner faster and get out of it faster.;)
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I bought my FZ6 last year in 2011, definitely the best Inline 4 I've ever ridden :).
I know what you all mean about the "lack of power" below 8,000RPM.. But the engines been detuned to suit the cruising aspect to get good MPG but when you get it above the magic 8,000RPM it comes alive, especially if you've got an aftermarket exhaust on her.

I can't wait too get the R6 front end on mine, everyone has said that it's such a great thing to do.. Just need to some prices mapped out :cheer:
PKguy ,
of course there are good performance mods . you can pump out about 10 more horsepower out of your bike .
the cost will be big , but worth it .

i put on power commander 3 , leo vince lv1 , k&N , good for about 10 hp
the difference is huge , 10 hp more is a big improvement on any motorcycle.