Has anyone run on PR5s


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Its almost time for new tires. I got 10k miles on my set of PR4s but the front is showing its age. I have probably until the end of the riding season here which is october. I took a look and noone has PR4s in the FZ6 size. Has anyone run the PR5s yet and can tell me how they felt? I loved my PR4s.


If you mean pilot road 5, I consider them the best road/touring tire at this moment. Especially on poor road surfaces (gravel, sand, etc), they are very good.

Dry grip on perfect roads isn't THE best out of the sport touring segment (conti road attack 3 are a bit better when hot), but overall I have more confidence on the pilot road 5. And maybe not relevant, but these are the first street tires where it felt safe to go up to 50km/h on hard pack dirt.

Can't say how they compare to the pilot road 4, but they are much much better than the pilot power 2ct (hated those overrated crap).


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I am excited to hear the results!
They are amazing! Get them. I had to ride home in the rain with them not even being scrubbed in yet and they felt more solid in The wet than my old tires did in the dry. Have about 300 miles on them now and they keep getting better. Definitely worth the price. Better than any tire I've personally been on by a wide margin.

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I have been on an R 5 on the rear for about 6 months and its a solid tyre. The front has been a PR4 that had plenty of life but last weekend I it checked it and it was cupping badly from road camber.
I thought the 4's were pretty good but as soon as I had the 5 on the front the dynamics changed.
Its funny the front seems to not tip in as fast but it goes exactly where you want with an almost heavy feel its uncanny but it is different and it is really direct without being tippy-
I'm not sure my description is at all useful but I like them and as jaronv74 said they are pretty good. I havnt felt like this about a tyre since I ran the metzler z8's and I reckon that was a benchmark hoop!
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How much are the pilot road 5’s per tire? I might have to consider them based on price. I’m running Dunlop Q3 Sportmax Dual Compound and I love the tire. Beautiful grip especially weaving, curving but still nice and solid cruising straight aways but they are quite expensive in my opinion.


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I'll be installing them in late September probably. I got some life left on the PR4s that I have on the bike, and have been thinking about doing an Iron Butt Challenge to send them off.

Just really trying to gauge if the front tire has 1000 miles left in it.