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Mar 16, 2011
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A shout out to those on the east coast.
Our thoughts are with you. Be safe and look after your fellow man.
Check in if possible...

Be safe! I've been through 3 or 4 of these. uploadfromtaptalk1475767352790.jpg

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My dad is driving back from securing his mother's house in FL.

If I recall correctly Scott is not on the East Coast. Stay safe down there [MENTION=6338]TownsendsFJR1300[/MENTION]
I'm on the West coast, SW Florida, and we just have a hurricane "watch".

Its cloudy, not a drop rain, winds expected up to 50 MPH later (a good hard, normal afternoon, summer thunderstorm).

Actually got some work done on the boat lift as it was more comfortable than usual this am

This side of the coast should be fine, generator is gassed up just in case and the portable A/C ready to go.

Anyone on the EAST coast of Florida, Georgia, SC, NC, fingers crossed for all of them......

And thanks for all the positive thoughts!!:thumbup:

4:30P, we did get a spritz of sideways rain, probably 35 MPH. The news said there already thousands W/O power on the other coast and the storm isn't very close yet...
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Everything good so far here. I live in central Florida about 45 min from Daytona beach and we for really heavy rain yesterday starting at 6pm until like 2-3am. We lost power for about 5 min around 3 am but it came back. We have been very fortunate to have both power and water. On our property we have a lot of branches down but nothing over our roof thank God. We are still getting some strong wind gust at this time but we are dry inside. Hope everyone is doing well and if you are on its path along the east coast please look for shelter as it looks like it will cause some serious damage.