Hybrid / EV Kawasaki???

I think that is an exciting beginning but needs a bit more refinement and change to the power output.
I really enjoy the toyota hybrid options, the performance for weight in them is great as well as the fuel efficiency.

The torque on this is the same as the fz6 which is pretty disappointing, though far more useable.

But it is a start
Personally I've never been interested in E motorcycles. The hybrid is definitely interesting because it gives you mileage when you may not be able to charge. Does it take a charge? It's a little hefty but that's to be expected being the technology.
It's got great lines. I think it's going in the right direction. That walk feature is also pretty cool.
I wonder if the 48 volt lithium ion battery is the support for starter and electronics for the gas engine.
To me it just like with cars...

Go full EV (BEV) or don't.

Hybrids can have their advantages but they surely also got the worst of both sides:
*Added weight
*Same maintenance as ICE + added complication of EV tech.
*Many km will be spent with an empty battery - complete deadweight.