INNOVV K1 (front and back dash cam)


Sep 8, 2016
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Hey guys, I've been eyeing this dash cam for a while now but it's a bit out of my price range. It's originally 265$. I emailed them about a group rate and this is what I got back "You can set up 6 sets at price of $230 for each , or 12 sets at $200 for each. It is free express shipping."
Anyone interested? 200$ would be a steal! Not sure how many people would be interested so please let me know! Here is the link:

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That is a really slick unit. I run a GoPro on my helmet when I am riding, and when I am in a car I use a cheap Cobra dash cam.

It would be really nice not to have to fiddle with my GoPro every time I go out to run an errand, or go for a little cruise, but still get footage in the unlikely case of a accident/altercation or a notable event.

Maybe I missed it, but does the unit accept addition storage, such as a Micro or Mini SD card? The Cobra dash cam I have accepts up to 32gb, which really extends the amount of footage you get before the camera 'loops' and starts overwriting the oldest footage.

I also am a little hazy on what exactly shows up on the monitor. Is that just there for initial setup and extraction of the videos? The GPS function looks only accessible via a computer. I would love to have the monitor show a live display of one of the cameras, the rear camera would be sweet. But if it doesn't do much why would I want it attached to my bike? If I am going on a trip I already have my handlebars filled up with my phone and GPS, not much room for a screen that doesn't do much.

All in all I love the idea, just kinda confused.
I'll jump in and answer those questions but let me see if I can get a rep from there, they would have more knowledge than me being that they work there

Edit: found a link that answers your question
Wish it had more memory but nothing I can do about that

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Way late to the thread, but if this was something still being considered, you can count me as an interested party (I'm betting 12 might be a hard number to hit though).
Yea sorry but I already got it. I've found some more cons as time has passed

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Ok so my bike is in the shop and I haven't had a chance to check these solutions but:
the power cable is pretty short and there is a known problem with the power insert into the apparatus so it'll turn off if you don't have it sitting in the sweet spot. I've also run into the problem of it repeating "recording stopped" until I take out the battery for a second, the problem then goes away. Last but not least, I had a low slide a couple months ago, the camera fricken turned off I guess, it didn't record any of it. I'm still pretty pissed. I bought the thing in case someone decides to hit me but now Im doubting it'll do the job. Also the audio is terrible but that's not why I bought it. It does take decent footage, its plug and play, it's got a parking mode to record people who walk by, it's discrete, and it does both front and back. It records to a microsd card which is nice. Or you can plug it into your laptop. If they fixed the recording stopped thing and the sweet spot, I'd probably not complain.
The solution someone gave me to try was to put "ferrite core" things on it as interference my be causing the system to reboot and also to reformat the MicroSD card.
If anyone has any other solutions I'm more than open to it. I do love the unit but the cons have me feeling buyers remorse a bit

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