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Sep 8, 2016
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INNOVV K1 Motorcycle edition- Innovv motorcycle camera | motorcycle dashcam | motorcycle dvr
What comes in the box:
2 cameras (protective lenses), the DVR (battery included), Power converter, 3m tape, micro SD to USB reader, a splitter for GPS/record button, GPS locator, on/off record button, micro SD to USB wire, AV wire, 2 mounting brackets, cable securing clips and other goodies

Very tidy packaging, all wiring has numbers to plug into the DVR unit and the DVR unit has corresponding numbers
combine_images BOX.jpg

Remove seat
combine_images SEAT.jpg

Unscrew these two to take the inner fairing off, (I did this to easily lift the tank). Repeat on other side as well
combine_images FRONT FAIRING.jpg

Unscrew the two bolts at the top of the gas tank and lift tank (I have Rok Straps and discovered they can double to be able to hold my tank up, probably no recommended by the company but it seems sturdy enough for me)
combine_images TANK.jpg

I began by wiring the units’ power converter: Negative black to black on battery, positive red to red on battery (you MAY need to get some extra wire to elongate this cable, it’s a little tight), and yellow that taps in to the ignition wire (terminal cable ends NOT included). I took off the airbox because I could not find the ignition cable that ran on the inside of the frame. From the picture, you may not have to remove your airbox to locate the ignition cable (on the left side of the airbox, tucked against the frame, fish around until you see the wiring that matches the photo)
combine_images POWER CONVERTER 2.jpg
combine_images POWER CONVERTER.jpg

Next I chose a spot to mount the rear camera, it does say on the cable which is rear and front. I mounted it using the bracket that came in the kit and wired it through the frame using clips to secure the cables and fed it toward the storage compartment under the seat where the unit will be set up
combine_images REAR CAMERA.jpg

Finding a good spot for the front camera was a little tricky, I ended locating two mounting points. Location 1: The first mounting point is attaching the bracket to the horn location, there was some video blockage, not much but enough for me to find another location. Location 2: Mount it under the fairing stay. I did have to use a DIFFERENT mounting bracket as the one provided was too small for that location but luckily, I had some extra ones laying around
combine_images FRONT CAMERA.jpg

Included is the splitter to wire the GPS and record button. I did not use the splitter as I did not use the recorder button. I figured if I need a clip saved I can simply do it on the DVR unit or eject the micro SD card and use the USB converter included to upload it to a computer. Feed all cables to DVR unit, ensure that when turning the key to on without starting, the unit is powered.
combine_images DVR UNIT.jpg

Setting it up:
You cannot enter the menu when the camera is recording.

Press “ok” to begin or end recording. The instructions that come with the unit is semi confusing but if you tinker with it, figuring it out isn’t terribly difficult, could be more user friendly though.

“Mode” in the menu screen will move from settings 1 screen to settings 2 screen. “Mode” when not in menu mode will show the front camera, press again to show rear camera, press a third time for split screen. (At the bottom the screen shows speed, longitude and latitude, and some other stuff)

Resolution, Park mode, Gsensor and more options are in the settings menu.

COMING SOON: Video of daytime: Font & Rear, Video of nighttime: Font & Rear

Review: I'm really loving the motion detection feature, it gives me a sense of security. The GPS location of my rides with my speed isn't necessary but definitely a bonus. The night mode front camera came as a surprise, the more i use it the more i get used to it. As for the front and rear camera during the day, i wanted a little more resolution for license plates but so far its not as bad others i have seen but it isn't 4k either. If i had to reinstall them i may have bought the mounts that can swivel, i do wish it would have the functionality of a helmet cam but i cant have both. I prefer, set it and forget, over swiveling. This is not something for vloggers, i bought this unit for protection from others and proof just in case. So far everything has been great but I have only taken it on a couple trips so i will post more as things come up. Enjoy!
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