Iron Butt Ride


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Have been researching Iron Butt rides recently and was wondering if anyone has completed one on the FZ6. Did you document correctly? Would you do it again...especially on the Fizzer? In remembrance of your sore butt:D, post up your results and experiences.


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I have never documented one on any of my bikes, but I've ridden a few... Pretty much everyone I ride with has a IBR plate, so it's not something I feel like spending money on..

This year's IBR Rally is earlier than usual and I've got several friends who have drawn spots in the rally.. (Yeah, the 11 day/11,000 miles ride), so I'll be watching the daily rally updates.. Brant Moteelall will be a rookie this year and I had lunch with him yesterday.. Great guy!! I've known Joe Leggett for years and he's riding his second rally this year.. I keep pushing Rebecca Vaughn to ride again, and Tony Delorenzo and I will be drinking beer together in 3 weeks at the Minnsota BMW rally (which Grainbelt and I will be holding a mini FZ6 rally):)..

The LDR community is full of great people. I'm helping at the GLMC's Bonzia Rally in 2 weeks, and will be scoring riders after their 12 hour rally..


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I road 1,018 miles in 21 hours from Hollywood, Florida to Richmond, Virginia the summer of 2008. I sadly did not document it properly though I still have the witnesses with exact times.

To answer the other part of the question, yes, I would do it again on the FZ. I would have done it the next day to be honest with you. It was a long ride and the last 150 miles of that ride felt as though it took 12 hours, but I did it alone and it was some good "me" time.


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I acquired my FZ6 by a direct swap for my V-Strom 650. Rode ~550 miles to Des Moines, IA to do the swap, hopped on the Fizzer and rode it home the other ~550 miles.

Does it count as an Iron-Butt if you complete it on multiple motorcycles?? :cheer:

Would I do it again?? Yes. I'm not sure if it was excitement or adrenaline of the new bike, but most of the ride home seemed easier than the first half. That last hour though... suck. I might invest in some of those cycling shorts with the ass/crotch padding!!


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My wife rode her FZ6 for a documented IBA SS1000 followed by a sub 4 hour marathon all in less than 32 hours.......


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I always knew that Super Woman existed....just didn't know what country she lived in!! That's pretty awesome!


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I always knew that Super Woman existed....just didn't know what country she lived in!! That's pretty awesome!
I'm pretty proud of her.........and she's an outstanding mom to our boys as well. I count myself as a lucky guy.

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I completed a documented SaddleSore 1000 on my old Kawasaki Concours 1000. I rode 1,136 miles from Tupelo, MS to Fat Daddy's Burger House in Dallas, TX, ate lunch & came back home in 19.5 hours. I only stopped for gas & with the Concours' 7.5 gallon tank & 300 mile range, I only had to fill up 3 times on the road. Like others have said, the last hour and a half was the worst. I'd like to try it on the FZ sometime.


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I rode my 05 FZ6 from coast to coast and back in 05 in the month of September...was about 9,000+ miles. Bike worked flawlessly and was very comfortable day in and day out...would def do it again.

No I did not document. Was just for fun.


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I'm considering a ride to the Grand Canyon from the Gurnee, Illinois area in spring; approx. 3600+ ride.

Would be interested in more detail as to "properly documenting" the little vision quest...


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Most Ive ever done in one day on the Fz6 or anyother bike is 700 miles and wasn't too horible, but I was ready to stop.

Contemplating doing an iron butt this summer on the way to Colorado. My buddies who ride sofas (vtx and wings) are trying to talk me into it.

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I did 1150 miles / Saddle Sore 1000. on my FZ6 June 10th 2011. Rode from La Grande OR. to Julesburg CO. mostly Interstate, no problems, stock seat and 51 year old bod. 17 hours, no issues. Ride On !


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I did a SaddleSore 1000 and a Great Lakes 100 on my FZ6. The GL 100 doesn't qualify for Iron Butt membership because it only averages about 650 miles a day - but it was a lot of fun. I used a Corbin saddle for the 1k - and I didn't like it. I have a Bill Mayer now and that is great. I also carry along an airhawk just in case. Over 200 mile range is about right for me (more I think would be tough - it's good to stretch). I do have a Throttlemeister and a taller screen.

If there was something I would change it would be a taller 6th (or maybe a 7th) gear. Vibes at highway speeds numb my hands. I was planning to do a 4 Corners Tour this past summer - but got laid off. Had time, but no funds or health insurance. I have no idea when I'll be able to do it now.....

I definitely would take the FZ. I've really enjoyed riding it.