Just moved to Poland, need garage/service tips


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Well hello!

Since I don't see any sub-Thread about Poland, I thought I might as well ask in the main European thread.

I recently moved from Greece to Poland (Wroclaw), work reasons, together with wife, all of my stuff and of course my bike...S2 '09.
Talking about the bike, first thing I faced was a dead battery, but managed to fix that, second a dead headlight bulb, I fixed that too (thanks to eBay)...now I'll be changing soon liquids cause even if the weather is perfect at the moment, I'm afraid winter will come suddenly and will find me with "warm climate config", unprepared.....don't want that to happen. Anyway, such things I can do on my own,,,

I'm trying to find out people from here (Wroclaw) that own(ed) FZ's and could point me out some good tips and of course good service points (the official kicks ass...very expensive). Until now, everybody i meet is telling me the same story: "I do everything (bike service) by myself", but because I don't have all the tools, don't have the time or place and also because I can't and don't want to do everything by myself, I would appreciate some good info....who knows, good friends are always needed and for sure good riding company is valuable.


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Keep the chain well lubed and adjusted correctly is one of the biggest things. (2" total up and down play, on the CC at it's tightest point).
Check your owners manual, it's in there. If you don't have the manual, PM with an e-mail address and I'll send you the US owners manual.

Lubing the clutch cable and shifter linkage is next.

If storing for winter, fill the tank to the VERY, VERY TOP (to prevent rust from accumulating in the tank-that happens often!)
Use a good fuel stabilizer when storing.

Store on the CC, front tire off the ground(lift slightly under the header) and under cover, preferably in a garage (or enclosed area).


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Thanks for these tips man, I did have those in mind to tell you the truth...I believe I will need to do such things because weather here can get pretty cold most times, roads become icy and wet, there are slippery tram lines everywhere and generally it scares me to ride under such conditions, which means I will be forced to store it for a few months. I'm currently also looking for a garage to rent...hope to find something good soon.