Kuninkas Yamasaki build (FZ6S)


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I think it is time to open up the project that I have going on. It started when I came up with this 2007 Fz6s abs version, it didn't have service history available so I have been opening the bike up and checking that everything is ok.
It came to me slightly crashed, the front fairing had some minor damage on it so I got a great opportunity to make my dream build come true.
I have always liked the rear end of FZ6, dual mufflers and nice looking tail light. What i have not liked is the front end which gives me great opportunity to add the Kawasaki Z800 headlight to my build.
ennen sivusta.jpgennen edestä.jpg
Before the mods, it was time to check the condition of the bike. I opened up the valve cover and checked that everything is fine on valve side, also checked timing and the camshaft chain.
Valves were in spec and camshaft chain looked like brand new, also the tensioner had barely moved from the original position which makes me believe that the camshaft chain, tensioner and the slides were replaced not too long ago. I also replaced spark plugs and air filter, they were in ok'ish condition. I buttoned everything back up and checked the clutch and it was done so i replaced it with EHC clutch + 20% stronger springs. I am still about to mod the clutch arm by MT09 clutch arm but it is still on the way from dealer. Also throttle and clutch cables got some WD40 on them and they feel way nicer now already.
After this it was time to button the engine up and proceed with forks and rear linkage. Front fork oil had seen the best days so it was replaced by 10W motul fork oils, seals were fine so didn't touch those.
I also cleaned and regreased the steering bearing while it was easily accessed.
While doing this i also checked front brakes, pads and disks were in really good condition so all i did was moved the pistons back and forth and added some brake grease to pistons, also brake fluid was changed.
To rear lingage i added new grease and changed rear brake pads and bled the system. Also chain + sprockets were cleaned.

After this it was time for mods :cool:
First of all i changed the handle bar to a wider one as i felt that the original one was too narrow and had too much set back. This came out great and the steering feels way better now.
I also did a small mod to rear pegs, i flipped the rubber bushings / washers around to get rid of the flex, they feel great now but need to test them after winter if they cause too much vibration to legs.
I added "akrapovic" slip-on and the sound is now deep and louder, without db killer it makes a bit too much noise.

I have always liked how the Z kawasaki looks so front mask was an easy pick for me. I went with Z800 headlight, the fairings for it are still on the way but the headlight is about where it needs to be now. I might need to lower the attachment bracket that i made a bit to get the headlight sit lower but i will check it when i receive the plastics for it. I also have FZ6N speedometer mount on the way for the speedo, probably need to modify the brackets but thats not a big deal. The electrics were easy enough, only had to put some of the harness inside under the tank, also changed the H7 bulb connectors for the headlights.
edestä uusi 2.jpg

For now I am waiting for the parts to arrive so I can make this bike as I want. I have ordered shorter clutch and front brake levers for it and also bar end mirrors which i might be able to attach before throttle and clutch handles, so they wouldn't actually be at the end of the bar, rather just a bit inside from the lever attaching points.
I am also thinking about shortening the rear hugger a bit, also the front fender looks a bit too big for my eye...
For now I will focus on cleaning the bike up really well, for example the headers were polished (can't wait for the first drive in rain).
edestä uusi.jpg
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Welcome to our great forum! That Kawi headlight assembly looks really good as does the chin fairing. WD40 is good as a quick solution,especially in wet locations but WD40 will get gummy and increase resistance so follow up with a quality cable lube.


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Welcome to our great forum! That Kawi headlight assembly looks really good as does the chin fairing. WD40 is good as a quick solution,especially in wet locations but WD40 will get gummy and increase resistance so follow up with a quality cable lube.
Thank you! Yes the cables might need to be replaced, the bike will now sit 5 months (Finnish winter…) so i have time to attack those cables


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Some progress on yamasaki. Got the frontline fairings finally and i like the look, looks agressive as i hoped. Also made some brackets for the headlight and speedometer.73971040-616D-4D4C-A68E-9FE724EEA2E9.jpeg
I attached the blinkers to the side of the headlight also.

i also got new Levers and mirrors. The mirrors are really tiny but have quite good visibility. I hate it when blinkers ruin the look of the bike so i mounted them like this.
also the mt09 clutch arm came and it made the clutch feel way better and clutch grabs now for longer time.