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lights, more specifically side lights. I had one stop working, so I removed the bulb and it had blown. No drama's there just stick a new one in. Best to replace as a pair I thought. When I put the new bulbs in, nothing. Is there a fuse for side lights. Any other ideas?


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These are the fuses on the bike.....


But are you SURE it's a fuse? Reading above it sounds like you had 1 lamp out, you replaced the pair and now both lamps are out. If there is a blown fuse, it is not the root cause. Since the fuses each protect both left and right for whichever circuit, the original problem was not a fuse problem. So if there is a fuse blown now that both lamps are new, something else is wrong.....


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If their the stock FRONT directionals, they do have two contacts (at the base) and only go in one way.

If forced in-correctly, they won't work.

The rear bulbs (directional only) are single contact.

Might want to clarify what bulbs(fronts, or both right side, etc) and check the bulb/install...