Looking for a new helmet with internal bluetooth coms - help?


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Oct 18, 2009
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Taastrup, Denmark
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1st helmet => Schuberth S1 Pro with external Interphone coms.
2nd helmet => A now 8-9 year old Schuberth S2 with Schuberth SRC coms collar. Just sold the SRC collar and the S2 will be kept as a great gocart helmet or whatever.

Was never a fan of the SRC system. Often had issues with voicecommands and had several malfunctions with broken cables since the collar takes a beating every time helmet is going on/off.

Few weeks ago I bought a barely used Schuberth C4 Pro Carbon including the SC1 kit. Was a great deal and looks completely new. This is size 59 and the S2 size is called 58/59. I was surprised that the C4 chin area feels so tight and not easy to close the helmet since the top of my chin is kind of "in the way". As you can read from above I am not used to a flipup helmet and I thought that Schuberths interior shapes was all alike. Unfortunately I found a defect when I did a closer inspection at home - one of the security straps going around the neck (making sure the helmet can't fall off during an accident) was loose. Schuberth has 5 year warranty so no issue - went to the local dealer and I will get it back in about 4-6 weeks.
Before visiting the dealer I I googled some more about sizing and seems like I am not the only one who found it weird that the C4 was so different in size? The local dealer also said that, of some reason Schuberth changed the internal shape a bit and that he had several long-term Schuberth costumers who had to buy something else when C4 was new. I tried several other helmets... Schuberth C3 Pro, Schuberth C5, Shoei Neotec 2. I should have tried the Shoei GT Air 2 but I guess internal shape is same as the Neotec 2.
I tried these particular helmets since they can get built in coms (Sena). Best fit was Shoei but I suspect it was the extreme plushy cushions inside - not exactly the sporty feel of my S2. He said I should come back with my bike so I could take short rides with each of the helmets.

C5 and Neotec 2/GT Air 2 is quite expensive and then I haven't even bought the coms yet.
C3 Pro is not far from no longer in production - maybe it's the choice until something better pops up? It's just far from the sportier S2 look I like.
Tests suggest that Neotec is a premium helmet but many find them quite noisy.

Are there other options out there with low dB numbers and option for built in coms?
Many of you have most likely at some point been riding with Schuberths and can compare them with whatever you had?