Information Lost my FZ6N to Australia bush fires


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Had my FZ6N in this shed at my Nan's place to keep it out of the weather. If I had more time, I would've tried to pull it out and to safety. It was Infront of my Nan's car.FB_IMG_1578034385512.jpgIMG_20200102_115356-min.jpg


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Main thing is you're okay! Sorry for the loss but the FZ6 is one of the best bikes ever made. Go get another one.

I've been so conscious of the fires. I live in Southern California and am no stranger to big fires. Our house has been full of evacuated family and pets.

I hope you and all my friends in Australia recover from these fires.


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I agree with Gary and Motogiro…. at least you and your Nan are alright, or will be. I'm so very sorry about what's going on down there.
I too am no stranger to fire. We had to evacuate our home several years ago, thankfully, we were ok.

Hang in there! Our thoughts and prayers are with you all in Australia!


Sorry this happened. Glad it wasn't worse.

Few days ago I drove next to the aftermath of a small village fire (the firefighters were almost leaving)- a few properties burnt down to the point where some stone walls with small piles of ash in between and some sizzling smoke was all that was left.
Uncontrolled fire really is nasty. But it does put things in perspective- everyone has a list of "needed" and "nice to have" but at the end of the day all of it is just crap waiting to burn in the next fire, or wash away in the next flood, or get crushed in the next earthquake or tornado, or simply get taken away in the next brake in.


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I just watched an old episode of Top Gear and they were sympathising with Australians being flooded out, seems it is one extreme to another.

Sorry for your loss, the coverage on TV every day seems never ending and horrific.

Praying for monsoon-style rain!