Main stand collars


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Hi all, I'm A) New here and B) New to the FZ6. The one I bought came with the main stand in a box, but didn't come with the collars. The issue is I went to get some and found that they're on backorder and don't ship until mid May or so. I was wondering if anyone here just so happened to have some laying around that they would be willing to sell. Let me know. Thanks in advance.


Gary in NJ

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Welcome to the forum and to FZ6 ownership. There are owners that have removed the center stand to reduce weight, so you may get lucky with your request. Check the for sale section too.
Have you tried several different on-line suppliers. I’ve had good luck with Ron Ayers.


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To be honest, they look like basic hat bushings.

The good news is that not having them wont keep you from riding.
Yea, I've been lucky enough here that it's been fairly nice and I've ridden everyday since last Thursday. Unfortunately the next few days we're supposed to get heavy showers and thunderstorms so that's shitty, but it'll be alright.