Military members sound off!


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Post up you service!

United States Navy
Petty Officer 3rd Class
Avation Warfare Accoustics (AWA3)

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US Coastguard
Machinery technician 2nd class
September 23rd 1996 to present
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1983-1995, USAF officer, Engineer (electronic warfare, nuclear weapon safety, OIC Technical Engineering, 321st ICBM Wing)

1999-2012, USAF enlisted, Munitions (419th Fighter Wing, Tooele Munitions Depot)

(yeah, I know, I did it backwards) Retired in Sept 2012.


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2000 - present. E7.

Started as traditional National Guard and transitioned to AGR (active duty in the guard) after my third deployment. 10 years active duty so far.

2002 - Bosnia
2004 + 05 - Afghan
2008 - Iraq

I'm an Infantryman (11B) by training, Intelligence Analyst (35F) by preference, Logistician (92Y) by necessity, and a Cavalryman (19D) by duty position. I don't want any more MOS's but I'm sure there's at least one more coming.


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USAF ANG 2011-Present E4, just got promoted a couple months ago. Material Management-Mobility. USAF Hooah! :rockon:


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Currently in DEP for the U.S. Navy (I hope that counts)
I ship out in May 2014. I'm a Cryptological Technician - Collections (CTR) with an E3 pay grade (2.5 years in college).

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U. S. Army (deciphered=Uncle Sam Ain't Released Me Yet!)
Circa 10/1/1968 to 5/2/1970
Specialist 5 at end of time served
MOS=Mortar Crewman (never had to use those skills)

Drafted shortly after the Pueblo Incident (everyone else claimed "back problem" and got deferral for several months pending further investigation of that condition)
Trained at Fort Dix, NJ and Fort Polk, LA
Only person in training unit that didn't have a family member already fighting in Vietnam and wasn't sent there (197 of 200 Ft. Polk Advanced Infantry Training company soldiers went to Nam)
Spent just over 13 months in Dongduchon, Korea, which was home of the 7th Infantry Division in those days
During that time in Korea, "home" was a World War II style quonset hut with no plumbing, and a "diesel fuel drip model" space heater that exploded from time to time, usually in the middle of the night