Motorcycle(s) you sold but wish you still had


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I've had around fifteen motorcycles thru the years. Of those, two still tug at my heart more than the rest...

My second street bike, a 1985 Yamaha RZ350. The yellow/black/white Kenny Roberts edition, complete with the full Toomey kit. The sound of a piped two stroke twin is music to my ears.

The other was my very first new bike! A 2012 Triumph Street Triple R. That bike constantly astounded me on what it could do. It had a surprising amount of power for its size and would power wheelie in third gear, sometimes forth under the right conditions.



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Of all the many bikes I've owned and sold, I'd wish I'd kept my 2005 KLR250. I actually bought the FZ to replace it (for riding two up).

It wasn't fast but would handle un-real, 75 MPG, go anywhere and super dependable and NOT hot. You could actually touch the ground un-like the newer dual purpose bikes..

The G0ldwing, don't miss, too many "issues", the first gen FJR-too hot(but fun and fast!).

I'd love to have that RZ350, quick bike, love the paint scheme.

My first street bike was a 1975 Yamaha RD 350 (orange)- First year with reed valves. I'd kept that but an old man turned left in front of me totaling it. I almost "checked out" with VERY serious injuries (9-30-77)
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Red Wazp

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None, every bike I sold was to move to another bike. Kinda like girlfriends...well, sort of. :)

However I have liked a bike so much that I have upgraded to a newer, lower mile - same bike. Gen 1 KLR 650 2000 to 2007 and my badass KTM Supermpoto 990. 2010 to 2013

Still happy with my 08 Wing at 100k miles but as soon as I wear that one out I'll get another.

Gary in NJ

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I've owned nearly 30 bikes since my first in 1973, a '73 Suzuki TS50. They were all sold because I was DONE with them and happy to move on...but time makes you forget why you sold them and only why you bought them. So in that regard I wish I had them all their "new" (or new to me) state. Most missed include:

'73 Suzuki TS-50
'71 Honda CT70H
'74 Hodaka 100 "Dirt Squirt"
'75 Honda XL175
'76 Suzuki TM250
'76 Suzuki TM400

See where this is going....I miss them all.