Multiple mod questions


So this is my year to mod the bike to the full extent that I want. I have done quite a few mods up to this point mostly non performance.
So I’m looking for opinions and advice to make the most of this and to save me from starting a swap without all the parts.
My bike is a 2009 FZ6.
first up I’m looking at getting a sc project full exhaust system. Never done an exhaust before so need all the advice that can be given.
Second I’m ordered block off plates.
Third I ordered a power commander V5
That’s where I’m at now. Not sure what else I should order and I’m out of depth on the items I have already ordered. Thanks ahead of time for helping this noob. Just trying to breathe new life in my love.


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If you want to make your bike faster, save that money and invest in a couple track days. After a few sessions of getting lapped by guys on SV650’s and R3’s, you’ll realize that a couple extra hp from an exhaust and a PC won’t make a difference in your lap times.

However, the skills you’ll learn from those days will make a bigger difference in how fast you are and can be transferred to your next bike. You want your bike to perform better, best mod is to upgrade the rider! Oh and you’ll have fun too!


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It would be interesting to have a power meter on our bikes that would give us an instant read on rwhp at any given time. I am absolutely certain that we are all using the same 50rwhp 90% of the time. Mods that add power are just giving you more of what you weren't using in the first place (other than gratuitous straight line acceleration which gets old fast). I admit, I toy with the idea of the usual intake, fueling, and exhaust mods. But then I always come back to the fact that my bike has ~90hp on tap already, and I rarely use all of it. I would appreciate the look and sound of a modded exhaust though, and I think that is a valid reason for upgrading. Just not important enough to me yet. I spent the money on suspension and tires.

Was it these forums where somebody put an R6 cam in an FZ6? As I recall, that plus all of the usual mods had the bike making something like 105rwhp. Stock is close to 90. That is not insignificant, but it's a long way to go and still not have R6 power.

Modding is fun though, which is also a totally valid reason to do it.


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Modding is fun though, which is also a totally valid reason to do it.
This right here is the best thing to be said. I've modded the hell out of my bike at this point, and I understand that (riders being equal) I'd still probably be outperformed by a stock R6, but to me there's something nice in having something that's uniquely yours (or that you did work on).

My bike:
2009 FZ6 (S2)

Performance-related mods:
S1 headers (and decat'd)
Decat'd midpipe
Two brothers exhaust
Airbox mod
4-5° ignition advance
K&N air filter
Power Commander 5 + autotune
R6 front forks
Ohlin's rear shock
Stainless steel braided brake lines
Upgraded brake pads
Lithium battery
Dyno-tune (a very important "upgrade")
Lots of sportbike courses in the military and a few track days.

That's none of the cosmetic changes (still mostly a work in progress) but I've dropped quite a few pounds off the frame with them as well.

If you have any questions about them feel free to ask.