New Laws for Motorists in Germany and France


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Interesting article here. The way forward? Or another tax on the back of Ecological/Green theories?

Post-Brexit travel: How driving in Europe is already changing | The Independent
What bugs me is we're supposed to be a united europe, but each country has different rules, and many have their own tarrifs for using the road, it would be easier if Europe would standarise these charges or create a pass that covers all travel costs. Subsidised public transport is a good way of getting people off the roads. BTW Germany also has seperate rules for emmisions in the city (only clean cars/bikes), in Belgium Lorry drivers have to pay a seperate tarrif for using the motorway and in Holland they have been researching using a Km tarrif for using the motorways. Oh well we're still far away from a united Europe :-( .

You can find some more charges in europe here.
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