Nicky Hayden Memorial unveiled in Misano


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My wife and I are in Misano again this week for the San Marino MotoGP and a memorial garden has been opened at the site of Nicky Hayden's bicycle accident which led to his untimely death.

Last year there were just a few floral tributes at the intersection where the accident occurred but the Misano council agreed to something more formal which was due to be opened in April on the anniversary of his death. We rode past on Thursday and the monument was covered in a black shroud but yesterday it was open and I took this picture.

Nicky memorial.jpg

Red Wazp

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Thank You Andz for posting up the picture, so nice for the local people to honor Nicky. I still have fond memories watching him race in the AMA series when he was 18 and also at Laguna Seca with Moto GP.