Orlando / Central Florida riders?


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Feb 27, 2013
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Hey guys I am back from a couple year hiatus. I purchased my 2006 FZ6 in 2013, ended up getting it stolen later that year, recovered it and had it sitting for a while until a good friend of mine picked it up from me. Long story short he moved away and he sold the bike back to me as I just missed riding too much so its safe to say that I am back, baby!

I see a couple fz6's around my area (near University of Central Florida) and was wondering if any of you guys are active around here? I'm looking for some cool people to ride with and maybe learn somethings mechanically from, I have a sharp mind and many questions about the mechanical and electrical aspects of the bike, but unfortunately am extremely anxious when it comes to working on my bike in fear of me not doing something properly and in result I injure myself (or others). I've tried the How-to's but a lot of pictures aren't working anymore so many threads are not of much use to me without pictures, I end up getting pretty lost from just reading ( I truely am a visual and hands on learner, but youtube only goes so far). Im a noob when it comes to mechanics but I would love to learn, I would hate to go into a shop to have them install some turn signals :p If any of you guys are in or around the Central Florida area I would love to hear from you and maybe learn some things about motorcycles :)


Orlando, FL
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I know this thread is old but I recently moved to Orlando, not far from UCF area. Hit me up if you're still riding.