Parting out my 2008 FZ6


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Parting out my 2008 FZ6 - No accidents and straight.

Let me know if you are looking for something specific. It's the black version.

I added a couple recent pictures for reference. That said, most parts are still available even though they are not seen in the recent pictures. They have just been stripped off already so individual parts can start to be listed.

Odometer: shy of 66,000K

Engine requires new timing chain.

Low ball offers for whatever part(s) will be ignored. Prices in Canada or equivalent US$

Cee Bailey Smoke Touring Windshield -- SOLD
Top Sellerie Seat $325 obo (no rips or tears) Deluxe Seat SGC1212 -- SOLD
GIVI E41 Side Cases $350 for the pair. -- SOLD

NOTE: Shipping is from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Shipping within/from Canada isn't as cheap as other countries. For example, shipping the Top Sellerie seat by Canada Post to New York (zip 10001) with box weight and dimensions of 35.00 in., Width 18.00 in., Height 15.00 in., Weight 8.000 lb. is $197.49 CAD. To ship it Seattle is $147.30 CAD. To Montreal Quebec is $72.57 CAD

I cannot imagine fedex or ups is cheaper. So, please keep in mind that shipping is not cheap, especially if the item is large.

Sorry, but I cannot post pictures because I have never posted on this site before ;(

NOT AVAILABLE for Sale or sold:
Top Case
Tank Bag
Stainless Steel Radiator Guard
Plastic Cylinders attached to Givi Side Racks
GIVI Top Windshield Reflector


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I am looking for the rear grab bar (without tail light ). thanks

Please see attached photos for detail. Given the age of the bike, there are scuffs and marks on the tail and grab handles, but nothing is broken. If you are still interested, where would it be shipped to? I haven't figured out an asking price yet, but will have one if you respond.


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Thank you for responding, I wish to re paint it to the Yamaha Anniversary yellow. I am in Queensland, Australia, thank you


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Thank you for responding, I wish to re paint it to the Yamaha Anniversary yellow. I am in Queensland, Australia, thank you

If I can get it into a box no bigger than Length 24.00 in., Width 18.00 in., and Height 9.00 in, the cheapest shipping would be $200 CAD, by Canada Post Surface. Xpresspost via Canada Post is about $339 CAD. Other carries are basically in the $600+ range.

If I cannot get it into a box no larger than mentioned above, the cheapest price by Canada post jumps to around $550.

Using ebay pricing for the rear tail section (SEAT REAR Handles & Rear Back Tail Fairing Cowl Trim) without the tail light, I'm asking $400 CAD or equivalent . If you want it, I will confirm whether it will fit it a box size that I mentioned above. It will be close.

PS. If you are really going to paint it yellow, the price goes up by $50 CAD - lol - Joking.
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I need some information and perhaps some parts. I have an S1 and I want to relocate the rear brake fluid reservoir to the same place as on the S2. The S1 reservoir is mounted up and to the inside, so that the side of the cap is visible through the triangular hole where the seat and tank meet.

I cannot find the illustrations for the S2 mounting bracket on any parts site. Are you able to take some pictures of the brackets that your rear reservoir attaches to? I know shipping to the US from you is insane, but if I cannot find these parts then buying from you might be my best bet.

Appreciate whatever help you can give me....