Planning a scandinavia tour next year any pointers


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I know this section is very quiet with all three of you but me and the mrs are planning a tour through Norway, Sweden and Finland (maybe) next year for a few weeks just wondering if you have any points of interest or places I really have to go, we'll be riding into Sweden from Norway along the E10 to Koruna. I’m pritty much set on my route through Norway (although im still a little unsure if the road will be suitable for biking in the summer as its very hard to find out information for biking) my route though Sweden/Finland is still very much open to change as I am in the early stages of planning once I leave Norway. I have lots of questions but ill leave it at that for now.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance


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Hi Chris!

I think that will be a great ride :rockon: The roads in the Swedish summer will be just fine wherever you go. There may well be a lot of gravel roads if you decide to go off the main routes but other than that the roads are generally great... Nothing quite like an open road as there's not so much population up in Norrland!!!
I was up in Kiruna a few months ago and it's really nice. It's very pricey though!
The North gets ALOT of mozzies in the summer months (sorry if I'm pointing out the obvious) so pack the repellant and be prepared to pay too much for a beer LOL.
The Norwegian west coast will be spectacular... I would really like to ride that soon.
I read a book too called 'uneasy rider' and he rides through Sweden, Norway, Finland so I'd give that a read.