Power Commander III Installation


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I recently purchased a PC III from a member here. Installation I am assuming is pretty straightforward. I'm looking for manuals on the internet. I don't have any mods right now, and will be running the Zero map for the time being. I've read mixed reviews that the Zero map smooths throttle response. Luckily I have a windows PC laying around, as my daily driver is a Mac.

If you have a PC, let me have any recommendations and advice for getting the most out of it whether or not you have mods. Eventually I'll be doing slip-ons and a decat and may alter the fueling at that time.

Gary in NJ

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My $0.02, I wouldn't install it. Over the years we've seen all sorts of engine trouble, including a blown engine from a lean mixture, from the Power Commander. A slip-on doesn't require any remapping, and a cat delete can be handled with the on-board fuel-trim tools that Yamaha has installed in the ECU. Throttle smoothness happens at the wrist first...software second.


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Interesting... I hadn't heard any of this. I have become accustomed to the twitchy throttle so that is less of a concern now.

I've always been under the impression that most bikes come lean from the factory, especially in the mid-range, and that increasing airflow even a little bit should coincide with an increase in fuel. I know that the PC isn't the only way to do this, and it isn't totally necessary, but I also hadn't heard of issues. Of course I wasn't specifically looking for problems people have had.


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I have used Power Commanders for years, on my street bikes and racers. If you hook it up right and get the right download, they work perfect. Never have I heard of one that makes your bike too lean. This is how stuff that isn't true gets started. You can go to their webpage and see the downloads available. Or just get a auto tune. They work and always have, if hooked up right.


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I would think that anything that is in charge of your fueling can fail. I have come across info where the PC was a problem and once removed the problem was resolved. It could be do to map error or hardware error.

Unless your on the treadmill with a reputable tuner, your guessing and then possibly giving others false data.

A PC realistically is the cost of the fuel manager and probably a $300+ tune.
The PCll with a Dynojet tune worked great on my FZ6.
Could it ever fail and cause damage? I believe it could. Between programmable RAM, possible R/C controlled components or other factors I could not say it can't fail.
That failure can result in engine failure and damage.