R6 into FZ6 ?


Hi people well went for a quick ride out today ...!
i was going down this private road as you do (wink wink)
5th gear 125 mph when i saw the headlights of a bike behind
then he passed me like i was doing 50mph so i tryed to catch or even keep up?
my bike was FLAT OUT screeming its tits off 145 mph....! prone to the tank
this thing was pulling away like crazy ?
when got into town the bike was parked up rider gone..!
this was a 06 FZ6 same as mine but the engine was slightly different
then 1/2 hour later on way home it passed me again
GOD this thing was flying ???????????
does the R1 engine go into the FZ6 with mods of course ??????????


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This is likely a troll, but I'll play along...

Your mirrors work to see behind you in full tuck? Or were you still sitting up at 125?

Why do you believe the bike you saw parked was the same one that passed you?

By "the engine was slightly different" what do you mean?

And no, you can't get an R1 motor in a FZ6 frame. I don't even need to look that up. And if you could, why on earth would you?


HA HA HA...! yes i was winding you up,
the first clue was R6 into FZ6 (heading )
second clue 5th gear 125mph (we got 6 speed )
third clue does the R1 engine go into the FZ6 with mods of course (last comment
forth clue when got into town the bike was parked up rider gone..!
were all on lockdown here in the UK
so 10 out of 10 for spotting them


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Man, and I thought the giveaway was that you reached 145mph. Everyone knows we can't go more than 137mph.


Yes but if you remove the tank full of petrol it makes it alot lighter
so goes quicker ...!
now not alot of people know that :) :D
keep to yourself though ;););)


WOW...! your in the knowledge ...!
my bike is BLUE , log book say purple ?????????????
tank is BLUE, grab rails are BLUE, screen incerts BLUE, rear light RED, LOL (beat you to that one )
so were do they get PURPLE ?????????
and yes it's TRUE HONESTLY the BLUE FZ6 is the fastest i read it in a book...!:cool:


Wot a cracking looking bike....!
mine is the fist bach silver frame/silver engine 2004, mine for 18 months
gets comments at bike meets
slightly different blue and a purpley front gard
it's just turned 17000 miles but well looked after
no mods apart from headlights and bar risers
plus been lowered 50mm in the front /rear and 50mm off the seat
cannot fault any thing other than them ?
a bit quiet but the police/speed camera man, don't hear me coming
with me being 68+ i don't need the hassle :D


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