rear shock preload


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The fz6 is my first bike and I got it this summer. I have a question regarding the rear shock preload. I just checked my rear shock preload and its on setting 1. I weigh around 70-75 kgs with gear on. Is this setting sufficient or should I increase the settings?
I just watched a video about setting up the rear shock but at the moment I can't do that. Just wondering what your opionios are about what settings I should use. Perhaps you can share your own rear shock preload setting, and how much you weight?

Sorry about my english, its not my first language.


Gary in NJ

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Luckily you are a light guy, so you may be able to find a setting that works for you. The number on the shock adjustment collar is almost useless (is it good to have as a reference point to return too). Don't focus on the number, but rather the ride/race sag, and the resulting static/free sag. Rather than have me type for 30 miniutes, read this article (yes its written for a dirt bike, the the principals are the same) and then ask questions. This is a great baseline article: