Saddle bag mounting


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Oct 20, 2017
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I am really wanting to get into motorcycle camping for weekend trips and I am trying to figure out what kind of luggage to get. I bought some universal soft saddle bags and tried to mount but they hung down too far and was against the exhaust so I returned them. Does anyone have pictures of a homemade saddle bag support so they will be hanging correctly? I have also looked into the dryspec 78L system but I am worried that they will still hang down too far or that the rear strap will melt on the exhaust. I also have aftermarket exhaust so there is no longer a heat shield.
I'll have to get some pictures and measurements tomorrow at work but I made a PVC bracket that mounts to the passenger pegs and license plate holder. |_| <-basic representation of its shape and it seems to work well, hasn't melted, although I have a stock exhaust, and was quick and inexpensive to make.

Off the top of my head it was two 27in PVC pieces and one 12in piece, all had inner diameter of 1.25in I believe. Also two 90° PVC elbows, two 3/8 6in long bolts and nuts, and some blue loctite.
Thanks both of you! I actually bought a first gear 70L dry bag and it fits perfectly! I think I still want to make something though for saddle bags in case I want some additional storage. Here’s a picture of the bag mounted with nothing in it, when it is full it actually fits much better and the 4 D rings actually line up perfectly on the rear grab handles.FE1E1B62-7EBA-438F-8DCD-2E3B6E66AD92.jpg255E58F2-D242-4071-95B2-8EFA863E9CDC.jpg