Saint's Row 2


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Jun 24, 2008
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I got this game about a week ago and it's awesome!!! It is kinda like a Grand Theft Auto game but I think its alot better!! There is ALOT of customization that you can do in this game that in GTA you can't. You can customize your character to look like you, your clothes throughout the game make a big difference, and the vehicles that you get to customize is awesome. You can buy Cribs, Car and bike lots, food places, mechanic shops, and i think clothing shops. When you buy these places you receive a take each day. Most of the time its like $200-$500 a day. When you get a little further in the game you can customize you gang look meaning how your gang dresses, and your gang's cars. The side missions are fun and a must to do to build up Reputaion Points quickly. I highly recommend the Demolition Durbys they are fun. Oh, and with the Rep Points different clothes and modified cars earn you style points which earns you more Rep Points. This is a Very fun game and I highly recommend playing it. I give it 4.8 stars out of 5.:D:D:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: