Very sad news...


Quis, mihi fatigo?
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Yup, saw the headline on Yahoo this morning Cliff. I was afraid to read the article. Usually we lose a spectator or two leaving Laguna Seca on their motorcycles with all the traffic on Hwy 1.

RIP riders. :(

Monica A

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We were invited to go to WSB in Laguna this year. We almost went but we decided to go on the trip we already had planned. I've been at races before when racers had to be airlifted out. Very scary. Luckily, everyone was OK at those races. It would have been terrible to have been there. And I agree with you Lefty, we rode to the last two MotoGP races and going North on 101 back to San Jose was scary. Guys filtering traffic (that was going 5-10 mph) at 70+ MPH. We filtered but we were going 20-25 MPH. Guys were still filtering when traffic got moving when it wasn't necessary. Luckily we never saw any accidents. Cagers were getting pissed off & I didn't blame them but that made it unsafe for us as we filtered through.

My thoughts go out to the family and crew of these two racers. RIP