Windscreen... any fresh 2020 tips?


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I know I am not the only one who suffers a bit with the windscreen being just about too high or too low. There are lots of older threads but maybe there is some spanking fresh news regarding this subject?
I am 183cm (or about 6ft) and at highway speed the windpressure (from over the windscreen) hits my helmet right near the bottom edge of my helmet. Windpressure itself is not an issue but of course it generates alot of noise. Riding with a Schuberth S2 so should be a quieter experience and I always use earplugs.
Might consider the next bike to be naked (if I ever get to that cause I have had this one for 12 years).

Yamaha => Have heard the touring windscreen only moves the problem a bit up - and really does not look that good.
Madstad => Does not seem like they make a windscreen for my FZ6 anymore?
Puig => Have read alot of mixed reviews and opinions about their screens.
Laminar Lip => Not a fan of the look.
Anyone who has experience (or just a good tip) with other windscreens?

I am seriously considering the "MRA Vario Spoiler VSA-B" (or maybe VSA-A). It has a clip-on option so I don't have to drill holes in the windscreen. Then I don't have to think about that I maybe ruined the windscreen if I decided that the MRA was not for me.
Do you believe I should go with the "clear" option to get as close to the look of the original screen. It doesn't really seem to be tinted?
Do you think it would look pretty cool or just plain stupid?


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I used a CalSci windscreen before converting to naked. It was a massive improvement over the stock screen. I am about your height, and the buffeting and noise from the stock screen was fairly miserable at highway speeds. The CalSci created a decent pocket of quieter air. It was quite a bit taller than stock, but clear so it didn't look too big. But more importantly it was designed properly. I think I have a picture of it on the bike; I'll see if I can find it. I will be selling the windscreen if you are interested as I no longer need it. is their website. has some really good info about windscreen aerodynamics if you're into that sort of technical info (I am).

They have some good photos on their site of the FZ6 wearing the same windscreen I have:
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Hey Meadeam!

Looks like they only offer it for the 07-10 version and I am guessing thats also your model...
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I have an '05. And I have the OEM touring windscreen. You're correct, it just moves the problem up higher. However, I use it in the cold months to keep the chill off of me. Yes, I get some buffeting on my helmet, but keeps my body out of the wind on those cold commutes. (I'm 6'1.)
When it's not sub 40 degrees out, I run the Puig racing screen. The wind hits me upper chest area, but is even and steady, no buffeting. I've used this screen on highways and twisties, on short runs and 3000 mile tours. My go-to screen for sure.


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You being slightly taller I reckon that I, with the Puig Racing (Double Bubble), would get most of the wind near the neck area (close to the bottom of the helmet). That’s about where it ends up with the standard screen...
On 2nd thought I don’t think I would mind moving the problem upwards. Will look into whatever taller windscreen seems best (combo of looks and mostly positive reviews) and also still consider the MRA spoiler. If I can get free returns I will give the spoiler a go.

EDIT: I found a shop with all 3 models of MRA Vario A+B+C (unsure if they got a real shop or only online) that is only 60-70 km away from me. Someday soon I will drive past them (or order one online) to see if it would be a good/cool fit.
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I have this Givi windscreen for my '05. It is a little taller than stock, but does not alleviate the basic issue. I'm shy of 6ft, maybe 5'10" - it's not buffeting per se, more just the wind noise that I still get with this one. Having said that, I also don't like the look of the bolt/clip-ons, but I've considered the Vario. Just hasnt' been bad enough to truly need it.



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Does anyone have any recommendations for a naked windshield.
I have a 2008 converted to naked and I hate the windshield it came with.
I have modified the bracket from a Puig that was made for a FZ07 but it did not help much.

I am thinking of modifying a bracket from e Vstream Windshield by National Cycle. It would be an expenise test as they are approx $200.

Let me hear your best option for a naked scenario.