1. hk_fz6_05

    speedo healer

    more attic clutter clearing out. This time new in box speedo healer v4 and wiring harness (SH-YO1 and SH-V4) anyone wants they pay the shipping. please pm me if you want it. cheers
  2. interactive3

    Speedometer MPH vs. Actual MPH

    I rode with my GPS to work this morning to try to figure out what the actual MPH are. It was very unscientific, but here's what I found: Speedo 35mph = 33.0 mph gps Speedo 40mph = 36.5 mph gps Speedo 65mph = 59.5 mph gps Speedo 77mph = 70.0 mph gps My speeds varied a few mph so I...