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Hi fazil, sorry to reply 4 months late. I don't get email alerts on profile posts.

Here is the 3rd timing chain guide I was talking about. It attaches to the underside of the cam cover. Open the link below and check (no. 15)
Yamaha part number is 5BE-12241-01-00

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I seen a post you made on a different thread about being able to get a manual for a bike I was going to see if by chance you didn't have anything on a 2009 FZ6R because I'm running into a intermittent code 19 and I currently have my side stand switch tied up without any pressure being put on the harness or any wires and still running into the issue as well as trying to figure out a charging issue
You wouldnt happen to have any mounts for the rounds speedos or can get them made would you? I know its been a few years lol.
I seem to have a lag between throttle response and when chain gets power or tension. It felt like a loose chain slack but that is not the case. It makes for jerky shifting at lower power “ just cruising” speeds. Not sure how much slack in transmission is acceptable. I turn the wheel in gear on the stand and has quite a bit of rotation between forward and reverse rotation.