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Got an 04 w/ an 7" LED headlight, eventually going to make a custom bracket for it/gauge cluster. Need a clutch cable but can't find any info on where to find one for a naked model in the US. Any suggestions for websites or a way to make the fairing cable work with the setup?
Hey! I tried to send you an email this morning, but for some reason got a 'failure notice' on the email addy I had for you....
Anyway, I hope that you and the Mrs. had a very Merry Christmas! Last conversation we had you had mentioned a few interesting things going on with your job...love to hear what's going on with that. hugs.........
Thanks for adding me to the forum. Recently picked up a 600 that has been completely dismantled., with the intention of getting it back together, in time, probably lots of time. Hope to get some advice from the experts here. Thanks in advance!