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I'm thinking about using the tire sealant that you mentioned in a post. Did you use the low amount or toward the severe dosage amount?
I'm soon going to be a 2007 Fz6 owner.

I used the severe quantity, which was recommended if you wanted it to balance the tire without weights. I have never had the need to test the puncture sealing, but I am on my second set of tires without weights and I love the self balancing. No weights and smoother than any times I had a tire shop balance it.
Lookin for some help, would a steering damper fix my wobble when the front tire leaves the ground in a pull?
Got an 04 w/ an 7" LED headlight, eventually going to make a custom bracket for it/gauge cluster. Need a clutch cable but can't find any info on where to find one for a naked model in the US. Any suggestions for websites or a way to make the fairing cable work with the setup?
Hey! I tried to send you an email this morning, but for some reason got a 'failure notice' on the email addy I had for you....
Anyway, I hope that you and the Mrs. had a very Merry Christmas! Last conversation we had you had mentioned a few interesting things going on with your job...love to hear what's going on with that. hugs.........
getting the hang of my 'new' FZ6 2006
I have a 06 with 84k on her. Very little problems still very fast love it to death. Good luck.