1. O

    Suggestions for exhaust

    Hello everyone, Just recently purchased a 2006 fz-n. I want to upgrade the exhaust, what one do you recommend, the ones I've seen aren't road legal, so I'd like a legal one and not too expensive. Can anyone recommend one? Thanks.
  2. Puttin Along

    Box 'N Ball = best game ever!

    It's unplugged, needs no batteries, real wood, creates Hi Def sound and rides an 05 FZ6! Great for all ages! If your legal it's better than beer pong, more fun than quarters and kinda like darts!
  3. I

    Exhaust system for FZ6N

    Hey guys! new kid on the forum here. was wondering in terms of performance and usage which Exhaust is preferred between Leo Vince & Scorpions exhaust Oh btw. Im living in singapore. Only this 2 exhaust are allowed for "Legal Road Terms" requirements & which a must to have a top...
  4. F

    scorpion exhaust

    i got a 06 fz6. I was wondering is this exhaust legal in the state of pa? Does anyone know the db reading from 50 feet if that matters?Thanks