1. upshiftoverdrive

    F/S Scorpion Exhaust, SpeedoHealer, Axle Slider, Omni-Cruise, Superlite Sprockets/EK Chain, and 'mo.

    Hello everybody, I have a plethora of aftermarket parts I am trying to sell. Asking prices include shipping to the lower 48, because I hate getting shipping quotes. Scorpion Carbon Oval Exhaust w/ homemade cat delete: PO made the cat delete. I had the end of the delete widened to secure a...
  2. hk_fz6_05

    speedo healer

    more attic clutter clearing out. This time new in box speedo healer v4 and wiring harness (SH-YO1 and SH-V4) anyone wants they pay the shipping. please pm me if you want it. cheers
  3. S

    F/S: Speedohealer V4

    Sold! Excellent condition Speedohealer V4 for sale. This allows for corrections in speedometer readings due to sprocket changes as well as corrections of factory speedometer error. The corrections also a maintain appropriate odometer readings with gearing changes. Part Number: SHV4-Y01 Fits...