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  • 2007 FZ6 just received the bd43 headlight harness. Makes the roads at night so much brighter. Thanks for everything. Quick shipping too from canada to jersey.
    Hi BD 43

    Recently I bought an FZ6 2007 and one of the first issues I encountered is the one low beam light. I don’t understand that I don’t like it and I don’t know why they are not changing it for 5 years now
    So I have found in this forum that you are selling the harnesses for “moding” this problem
    Can you please let me know how much it costs (include handling and shipping)

    hey bd43, im a new member with a new 09 fz6 i just bought less than a week ago. and im very interested in purchashing a wire harness for operating both headlights on lowbeam. thank you in advance. [email protected]
    Hey bd43, got any wire harnesses left? I would love to purchase one I live in New Jersey U.S. Let me know if it is possible.
    Ok... just to confirm as you requested that the mod works perfectly on my bike. FZ6 2008 US/Canada model.

    Thank you again.
    You're the man... just received my harness and I can't say but what a nice one it is. It is worth the wait. Really nice work.

    Thank you
    Hello BD43 - like a lot of others, I'd love to know how much one of those harnesses go for. Great mod - Thanks!
    Hi I am asking the exact same question as seekgod1st. I would love to get my hands on that harness. Please contact me with info. Thanks
    BD43 - Are you still making harnesses? If you are I would like to purchase one. What types of payment are you taking and how much for the harness and shipping. Let me know. Your mod is awesome.


    Manny Molina
    [email protected]
    Woohoo. Mail just came, and I have received the headlight harness. Cheers Daz. I'll fit it tomorrow, going for a ride this afternoon. :)
    I am from Norway and searching how to get light in both lamps.
    I find this forum and read that you make the harness to this mod.
    Is it possible to send one over to me?
    I only had the bike for about 1 month and so far i love to drive.
    Yamaha FZ6-S S2 ABS 98HK 2009
    Best regards Per
    well I tried to do the 'blog', but my pics are too I gotta figure out how to re-size them...good grief. Got company coming over today, so I'll get to as soon as I can.
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