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  • Could you help me please? I put the wrong year in the title of my for sale ad. It is supposed to say 2007 Windshield for sale, instead it say's 2006 Windshield for sale. If it can't be changed, could you please delete it to prevent future confusion. Thanks for your help.
    Hey John, did you crash the R1? Looks that way from your post on David's video. If you did crash, hope you're okay.

    Oh yeah... total RUSH fan... I live outside Dallas, Tx but I got to go up to Toronto to see the boys there this year also. :D
    To post a new question, just hit "reply" (they do not have a "post a new question"
    button) and then just type in your post and hit "post message" button at the bottom.
    Welcome aboard too. I've only been on this a couple of weeks myself.
    Wally Smith
    Hi cali,
    I'm new here and I can't figure out how to post a new question, I asked the moderator and he said hit reply, I don't want to reply, I just want to ask a new question. I noticed you were online, sorry for the interuption, can you help? thanks...jspoon
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