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  • Hej, ja i plan on visiting Scandinavia so i thought i should learn a little Dansk and Norsk for fun :D is it too cold to ride in Denmark now?
    Thanks for the rep. I'm here to help! ;)
    Thanks for the info. I mounted mine on the handlebars at first too, but found that the image wasn't stable. Looks like you use it mostly for sound recording anyway. I ended up buying a cheap tank camera mount on ebay, and it made a huge difference! I'll post up video if I ever mount it to my helmet. Thanks again.
    Hey, I noticed in your signature you have listed an Oregon Sci ATC-2000 helmet cam. Have you mounted it to your helmet? If so, would you mind posting a pic and description? I have an ATC-5000 and it came with some mounting hardware but nothing I would use to mount it to my helmet. The only thing close was a rubber strap that wraps around the helmet but I wouldn't trust it. Thanks for any help.

    Danish?! Heck no=P

    Now that I think about it's been a long time since I was in Denmark.. Maybe I'll try to get a friend to come along for a road trip this summer:)
    Hi there:) I'm from Oslo. Lofoten is quite far North.. I've never been there myself, but I've been to Bardufoss and Tromsø which isn't really that far from Lofoten. Where in Denmark do you live?:)
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