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  • Hi.

    Just visited your page. See your with Blue jobs, but cant quite make out your rank and your gongs and trade. If that was you who just buzzed my house in a Fat Albert ( well not really, as it was above the height restriction) scared the 10 yrs old... gold fish and other half who is not to well in bed!!. Were supposed to be on holiday in Devon :)

    I'm ex pongo of 14 years, + now 20 yrs with the other boys in blue + spent 5 years with the local ATC with as a DF O/C.

    See your going down south for a detachment, so hope that goes well for you?

    Good suggestion for October, but I'm working that w/e and the following one I'm on Nights.


    Holy smokes man, how did you talk that beautiful woman into holding your hand? LOL
    Congratulations man.

    Hey did you ever get that digital gear indicator?
    A guy was asking about it.
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