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    Happy Birthday aussiejules!

    Hope you have a great Day mate!
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    Hope everyone is well and safe

    So far so good here in daughter is expecting her first baby (my 1st grandchild), and I probably won't get to go to the hospital when he's born. But better safe than sorry...hopefully I'll have many many years with him! Stay Safe and healthy my FZ6 family XO
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    Forum software donation drive.

    Normally I would donate and honestly, I'm feeling a bit guilty about it. We're expecting our first grandchild in April, so I'm saving up to spoil that boy rotten!
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    Ancient stickies

    I can't speak for any of the "how to's" but so far, what you picked in the Bar...can go!
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    Happy Birthday motojoe122!

    Happy Birthday Joe!
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    Happy Birthday Hoshiko!

    Many Happies!
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    Important Aussie riders check in please

    Since some of our members don't come by as much, I can tell you that Kazza, agf, and Humperdinkle are safe. And Aussiejules posted not long ago :)
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    Information Annual - Check your AA, AAA Batteries!!! They are Killers!

    In years past, my company has put displays in some major retailers. We tossed A LOT of batteries because of leaking! Great Advice though R!
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    Information Lost my FZ6N to Australia bush fires

    I agree with Gary and Motogiro…. at least you and your Nan are alright, or will be. I'm so very sorry about what's going on down there. I too am no stranger to fire. We had to evacuate our home several years ago, thankfully, we were ok. Hang in there! Our thoughts and prayers are with you all...
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    Happy Birthday Martin! (Cloggy)

    Happy Birthday Martin!
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    Happy New Years Aussies and Kiwis!

    ^^^ Yeah, what he said! XO to you all!
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    Happy Birthday Martin! :)

    Happy Birthday Martin! :)
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    Information Forum Migration

    So, I'm either blind or stupid...I don't see the chat room. Can you point me in the right direction please?
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    How to nearly plummet to your death | Dirt bike into the drink from the Rocks

    They did!
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    How to nearly plummet to your death | Dirt bike into the drink from the Rocks

    Overall, he was lucky to have landed in the Punchbowl! It could've been worse. And to think, my husband actually wanted to ride that one day :rof::rof::rof::rof::rof: