1. JMF

    Need Help [SOLVED] Error 1 & Error 12: No start, weird sound.

    Well, I am in need of some advice. I am only moderately mechanically minded so I feel that I have checked the things that I know how to check, and could use some pointers in the right directions. I am getting this audible electric/clicking sound coming from the ignition/dash area when...
  2. P

    Code 46 - Bad R/R? [SOLVED]

    Hey all, new around here so I hope I'm doing this right! I recently picked up an '07 FZ6 S2 with ~10k mi., on the test ride and on the way home I didn't notice any issues- the bike ran great. However after doing some slow speed practice in a parking lot on the ride back home the check engine...
  3. H

    Error Code 33 - Replace ECU?

    Hi gents Posting here for the first time because my 2007 FZ6-S2 started showing error code 33 and it has been tricky to resolve. Symptoms / Causes: I'm still able to start my bike and ride. However only able to ride distances below 12 - 14km. If I ride any distance beyond 12 to 14km, bike...
  4. C

    Error code 46 - check engine light comes on

    I have a 2007 FZ6 S2, weirdly my bike seems to be running fine, but while riding around town (30mph, around 4k rpm and a lot of stop and go) after about 20-25min my check engine light comes on. I checked the error codes by going into diagnostics mode and error 46 comes up. The service manual...
  5. trepetti

    Where to mount power outlet

    So I sprang for some heated gloves this winter and I will be looking to wire everything up this off-season. I want to avoid as much trial and error (especially the error), so I'd like to hear some ideas on where to mount a power outlet on the bike that will not interfere with my riding. I...
  6. F

    fz6 error code 51

    error msg 51 and top three bars on temp gauge flashing aswell as immobiliser icon checked wires etc for stripped insulation checked fuses still had error msg turned ignition on while waggling key hey presto fired up but still don't know what caused error msg has anyone got any ideas thanks
  7. BossZweifel

    Flashing Immobilizer / Error 1

    Hy Guys In the past I had a couple of problems with my FZ6 N S2(2010-Model). After heavy rain the bike went out during a highway drive last year. Went to the shop and they cleaned all the connectors. Everything was ok after that. Then the bike started to give me occasionally the Error 1...
  8. Falcon1220

    Check engine light

    :confused: 2006 FZ6 Yesterday on my way home while driving in stop and go traffic, the check engine light came on while driving around 50km/h. Not just flassing but solid. I slowed down and it went out. Speed up to 50 or more and the CHL came back on. Stayed off while at standstill at trafic...
  9. SpacemanSpiff0x0

    '08 FZ-6: ER_1 please

    So I have an '08 FZ-6...and I love it. I just got over the break-in mileage and everything has been fine. The bike however, has been having some electrical issues that are really worrisome. I wish they would have started prior to the 550-mile mark so that I could just turn the thing in, but it...