1. RuskiMotorcycle

    Beginning the Naked Conversion-Help wanted and needed!

    Hey Y’all! It’s time for the naked conversation, and I would love everyone’s insights and help. I’m trying to do this all on my own, so if you have any tips or any solid references, lemme know. The short of why I'm undertaking a naked look (besides the fact that it's awesome!) is because a...
  2. terry_b

    Free: rear frame assembly W/O rear footpegs

    I have an additional rear frame assembly I'd like to get rid of. This was on my bike when I bought it, and does not have passenger footpegs. The entire footpeg mount was removed and ground smooth, then painted black by the bike's original owner. It looks very sleek, especially with the rear seat...
  3. F

    OEM Rubber Footpegs

    Hi all, Looking to purchase a set of OEM rubber footpegs in good shape. Please PM me, thanks
  4. FZ6buff

    Dragging foot pegs

    Hi all, Recently I was riding my favorite twisty and I think I scraped my foot peg. I know I hit my toe slider, but I am a little weary about my foot peg. I have already removed my peg feelers and center stand because the last track day I was grinding the feelers to a pulp. Does anyone know...
  5. AJ_rider

    Happy early Bday to me!

    Ok so my berfday isn't until April 23, but thanks to Fz6alain (you rock) I had to treat myself early....with a Yamaha Belly pan. :cheer::cheer: Got it in the mail yesterday morning, (right before I left for work so of course I had to suffer all day thinking about it putting it on) and...