1. J

    Ebay bar risers :thumbs up:

    I'm 5 7' and have to lean slightly forward to reach the bars. It's never put an ache in my back but after seeing everyone compliment the comfort after installing risers I decided to try a pair. At around 30 bucks I didn't have much to lose. The risers I purchased are 30mm up/20mm back. I'm...
  2. Wolfman

    The lil fz6 streetfighter that goes like it should! :)

    it's got all the good bits! :) Owned it since 2007, spent hundreds of hours making it better, is still my favourite bike in my shed, in the tight stuff! 98.4hp at the rear wheel, and about 165kg's these days, goes ok. :)
  3. srghyc

    Chain Rub - HELP!

    I just got new tires put on and as I'm re-installing the wheels my chain is rubbing the top of the swing arm. I took slack out of the chain with the drop-out adjusters. There's about 1 inch from the inside wall of the drop out and the silver block around the axle. The chain feels tight but not...
  4. F

    I accidently jumped my FZ6.

    I use to ride a Dual sport bike and at a railroad crossing there is a lip and I use to just blip the throttle and jump the tracks. Out of habit I did this on the FZ6. No big deal but I came to realize I was trying to ride the FZ6 the same way I use to ride my DS. Freeway riding is about the...