Chicago group ride starved rock area 8/18 or 8/25


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Chicago members are becoming more abundant on the forum and I thought it would be cool if we organized a group ride! Sundays are really the only day I have all day to ride so I was thinking august 18th or 25th. Starved rock area offers some good riding, and its a good distance to make for a day ride.

Im in the SW burbs.
I'll post up a map of the proposed route (changes/recommendations along the route welcome). Just trying to get an idea of who would wanna go to organize this up!

everyone possibly going so far
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I should be good to go for either. I'm kicking the idea around in my head to ride out to Nashville for weekend, so as long as I don't sporadically do that, Im in.


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Good Ride. My GTO club did a Starving Rock Cruise back when I lived out that way. Enjoy. Don't skip the history thought.


I took a sick day from work last week and made this ride from Chicago. All around very enjoyable, the trip down 88 was very nice, I'm a big fan of two lane rural routes. There were a ton of bikes crusing around out there, even during a work day. I made a gas stop on the way out there and drove back without stopping, probably under a 1.5 hour trip from the city