FS/FT various parts from '07 S2


Jul 26, 2015
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Ferndale, CA
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Hi all. Have a few things here just collecting dust, all from my 2007 FZ6 S2, all fine usable condition...

Front and rear sprocket (I changed tooth count, these have a lot of life left)
Stock seat, no tears, no butt fatigue, very good condition
The silver exhaust cowl (though it's painted black)
Front turn signal mounts and turn signals (I added flush mounts)
Front fork reflectors
IAS valve (From doing blockoff plates)
CA EVAP canister and hoses (yep, doubt anyone would want it, but it's here...)
Stock handlebars and stock bar ends
Stock tail/fender plastic (from when I did tail tidy)
Stock front springs (now a little surface rust but still within spec and fine, I just didn't oil them before I put them up after cleaning)
Helmet lock (I took it off, never use it)
Some cheap blue aluminum pegs (2 sets actually, but personally I didn't like the look)

Header from a ***2004 S1*** (Got this to do cat deletes, but ended up just cutting mine in half and welding back together. This one I may still use, but I'd include if the trade is right :)

Happy to trade, or sell cheap just want to cover shipping...I'd rather trade, and be happy to give all of it for something worth less if I like it. Heck, I'd ad cash to the trade if your item(s) are worth more. I've been more active on the Forum lately and would like to get some points for transactions, for when I *do need* something down the line...Things I need/want include, but not limited to (and obviously, fine if they're also used):

Braided Brake lines
Frame sliders
Bar Ends/Weights for aluminum bars (14-16mm ID)
Thick grips and/or grip puppies
Other handlebars (still deciding on the Renthals and would like to try others)
Tires, especially rear
Any blue accessories (oil cap, brake reservoir cap, rear reservoir, you know the type cheap aluminum cosmetics)
Foot pegs (anything but OEM, mine are fine I'd just like to try others)
AIS block-off plates (I made mine, another cosmetic thing I'd like)
Aftermarket Exhaust (I like mine but I'd try another, this is another example of me adding cash, possibly quite a bit)
O2 bung (I'd like to add an auto tune eventually)


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