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    Sold my FZ6

    We’re still kicking! Going to dust off the Speed Triple and ride with Jerry and John on Saturday. Been too long, I hope I remember how to ride!
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    Sold my FZ6

    My ears were itching...somebody mentioned me hahaha!
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    New bike

    Sweeeet! Looks like it's modded out nicely!
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    Happy Birthday Goop!!!!!!

    Thanks everyone! Sorry, I haven't visited the forum in quite a while. I hope you all are doing well! I did order some new A-Stars boots for my birthday! :rockon:
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    46 Years!!

    Congrats Jerry! You should by a new motorcycle for the occasion...oh wait. ;)
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    MCN Fantasy League 2016! Join up!

    You're in!
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    MCN Fantasy League 2016! Join up!

    We got 5 folks so far...come on now!
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    MCN Fantasy League 2016! Join up!

    If you tried to join the league,please try again. The mini-league function is wonky. Those who tried to join the league got dropped even though I clicked "Accept" ...strange.
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    MCN Fantasy League 2016! Join up!

    Wanna play some fantasy league? Why yes, you do! It's tradition! This year it's MotoGP, WSBK and BSB once again. To sign up: MCN Fantasy Road Race 2016 There is a mini league for the FZ6/600 Riders forum members (FZ6 Forum Legends) to compete with each other. The site has changed a lot so...
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    White / blight headlights

    You might also check out the Nokya Arctic White (Stage 1, 55W) bulbs. I used these for the FZ6 back in the day and now use them on my Speed Triple. They are less expensive too.
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    Happy Birthday Jblk9695 and CHEMIKER

    Happy Birthday Travis and Jerry! Hopefully you were able to partake in some cold ones! :iconbeer:
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    Happy Birthday Goop!

    Thank you all!. I'm in super deep southern Indiana right now visiting some family. Huge rib dinner about to be served Looking forward to riding with my SoCal friends soon! Miss you guys!
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    Happy Birthday Lefty!

    Happy Birthday Lefty! If we had a party we could've invited Officer Peterson to come and cuff you for old times sake! ;)
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    June 27th ride report

    Did you suddenly speed the video up at 0:30? ;) ;) ;)
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    Happy Birthday Verharen!

    You'll need to turn your head sideways for this clip; Motogiro plays the didjeridoo at the party :rockon: