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  • Hi Bryan!
    MCN Fantasy on again this year??? We only have a couple of weeks I think.
    Dude... I was thinking the same thing. I'm still on the bike, just riding it to work everyday :(

    Got a new helmet this week so i'm itching to get back out there! If I don't see you this weekend, then sometime soon! Glad to see you hoons are getting out there. Today would have been such a nice day for riding... Almost as good when looking out my office window.
    Putting a ride together for sat, if ur free I would like to see the triple in action
    All added to the friends list mate , I thought you were already there :confused:..... Unless you were taken away when you had the name change :don'tknow:
    You up for a ride and a cold one to follow? April 23 ride and BBQ..have a thread, but wanted to invite you myself..hope all is well..
    :rof: :welcome: to the forum Goop, suits you better than BryanDH seeing how you like Vegemite & all :thumbup: Vegemite is the Ultimate Goop :D
    Hi Bryan, not to bad up here, a little cold and wet but the weekend is looking good so far. Just need to bundle up, I've been riding my Concours C10 as it has better weather protection, although I did get a chance for a little ride on the Fizzer over the weekend and it's not to bad in the cold. How is it down around the Palomar area and out to Zuma.

    Pally was calling me this weekend but didn't make it out. Will call for a ride this coming weekend!
    Unfortunately no, I am leaving for Kansas tomorrow and won't be back until the 21st. I am kind of bummed because it will definitely be a great meet up with alot of great folks!
    Hey Bry!
    Riding tomorrow. Pally area. Meet at the Mobile gas station at Rt. 76 and the 15 freeway. Hope to see you!
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